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Gun Control And Border Security - 2025 Words

Gun control and border security are two of the major problems Texas is facing these days. According to, â€Å"The Texas Political Project†, immigration is the top most problem Texas is facing today while border security is the second. This leads to an increase in other illegalities like drug trafficking, homicides, mafia wars etc. Premature birth, persistent extermination, and the death penalty are all ambiguous issues in today s general public. Gun control is one of the most convoluted and contentious issues in Texas today. The right to bear arms commenced from the minute men and the American Revolution. The second amendment states: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. It allows ordinary people to protect themselves and their families from harm. According to statistics, most Americans believe that an average citizen should have the right to own a handgun. However, they also want proper regulation from the government. U.S has a 1,900 miles long border with Mexico of which 1,254 miles exists in Texas. There is a persistent threat of drug smuggling, illegal aliens, violent gangs, and the concomitant rise in violence is no more evident than in the state of Texas. To enter into the United States without permissions is a federal crime. Illegal immigration is an arduous problem to solve and most likely will never be thoroughly solved. Never the less, it is a problem thatShow MoreRelatedDrugs Inc1667 Words   |  7 Pagesthere is a critical need to increase Department of Defense initiatives, in conjunction with the other elements of national power, to develop a decisive anti-drug cartel strategy that will provide security for not only our nation but other nations as well and its citizens at home and abroad. Narcotics, guns and violence, the powerful elements of a never ending war. All these elements are part of the campaign to rid the world of the disaster that drugs so ferociously have inflicted upon the UnitedRead MoreSecurity On The Southern Border1246 Words   |  5 Pages Security on the Southern Border Jaden Truxal ENGL 1101 Ms. Floyd 8 November 2016 Outline: Security on the Southern Border I. Increased security along the southern border is vitally needed to protect America from foreign threats. A. Purpose: To persuade the audience that increasing the security on the United States’ southern border is essential for this nation. B. The U.S. needs and must have more border security, but not the kind that President- elect, Donald Trump, is thinkingRead MoreFighting the Juarez Cartel648 Words   |  3 Pagesand costly initiative aimed at stemming the flow of illegal drugs into the United States with a specific focus on the well-worn trafficking paths snaking inward from south of the Mexican border. The failure of the War is perhaps best reflected in the incredible carnage and violence which continue to grip key border regions like Juarez. This territory, controlled by the notorious Juarez cartel, is the site of ongoing turf wars with rival drug peddlers, the Sinaloa Cartel, as well as with law enforcementRead MoreGeneral Election Essay1377 Words   |  6 Pagespoverty, border security, immigration, and more funding to public schools for our youth. According to a Poll release conducted in June 2017 by the University of Texas, issues based on my district’s demographics include immigration, border secu rity, political corruption/leadership, unemployment, education, and health care (Blank 2017). Among my district’s population of democrats, political corruption and leadership is the most important issue while my district’s republican population believes border securityRead MoreMexico Case Study964 Words   |  4 Pagesbeen expensive and destructive. It is important that the U.S. and Mà ©xico work together to continue strengthening their security cooperation. The U.S. and Mà ©xico must work on strengthening Mà ©xico’s judicial procedures, fight corruption, and reform the police forces. Because it is clear that this issue also affects the U.S., it would be beneficial for the U.S. to work on improving its gun laws and increase emphasis on prevention and treatment for drug addicts. Improving Mà ©xico’s rule of law is an importantRead More Mexican Cartel Essay1524 Words   |  7 Pagesalong the U.S.-Mexico border. But it was the American appetite for coc aine in the 1970s that gave Mexican drug cartels immense power to manufacture and transport drugs across the border. Early Mexican gangs were primarily situated in border towns where prostitution, drug use, bootlegging and extortion flourished† (Wagner). They keep themselves armed and ready with gun supplies shipped from the U.S, taking control of the drug trades. The violence is spilling so out of control that they overthrew theRead MoreThe Border Security Act Of 20131701 Words   |  7 Pagesthe reason so many Americans view the legislature as so disconnected with the public. The Border Security bill was drafted to address the mismanagement of the Department of Homeland Security in regard to immigration policy, and would have provided more clear paths to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers. Another bill, the â€Å"Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013† drafter to tighten gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre. The defeat of 7 amendments to the bill led Harry ReidRead MoreGuns And Gun Control855 Words   |  4 PagesThe rise in cases of gun violence and related incidences of assault has drawn the public to the issue of guns and gun control. Such has been evident within the spheres of politics especially with the last election period seeing the incumbent president Donald Trump suggesting on stringent gun control laws. However, despite the acknowledgment of the need to have better gun laws, much ground and consensus has never reached. Such, to an extent, contributed to the current lack of political goodwill withinRead MoreThe United States Of America1419 Words   |  6 Pagesin the drug cartel are not only in Mexico, they are in the United States as well. Street gangs with cartel ties are not only in Los Angeles and Dallas, but also in many smaller cities across the United States and much farther north of the Mexican border. Mexican cartels had a presence in 230 cities in the United States in 2008, according to the U.S. Justice Department. Its 2011 report shows that presence has grown to more than 1,000 U.S. cities. While the violence has remained mostly in Mexico, authoritiesRead MoreGun Control : Argumentative Essay Essay1702 Words   |  7 Pages100 3 November, 2014 Gun Control: Argumentative Essay The gun control debate is a good example that justifies the common known mantra that history will always repeat itself. Gun control is a regulation put forward with an aim of managing the purchase and ownership of firearms with the main aim being to reduce the criminal and unsafe use of firearms. The gun control measures involve strategies such as registration of firearms aimed at restricting the ownership of guns by people proved to be

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The Golden Parachute Option for CEOs - 1806 Words

Imagine being in a world where people are paid in cash bonuses, stock options, or generous severance pay when fired from their job due to a company merger, are asked to leave, or choose to retire. This happens to be a reality for many CEO’s and top executives of companies. We live in an economy where mergers and take over’s have become common, and to allow this option for the highest paid employees of a company is arguably unfair. While researching golden parachutes, I formed questions due to the circumstances surrounding this executive option. For example, why should CEO’s, who live very comfortably, be given a compensation package for losing their position due to a company merger or retirement when employee and shareholder’s futures are†¦show more content†¦Once executives were getting these highly substantial payments, shareholders quickly questioned executives for their integrity and motive due to this high increase in payment amounts. There h ave been many debated reasons in support of and against golden parachutes on account of the increase in payment amounts and how the terms of their severance package were written out. It interests me how easy someone can be opposed to golden parachutes from a middle class citizen’s view, where we all want to be paid the same dollar figures as top executives. It’s strongly argued golden parachutes give the feeling that CEO’s and top executives are solely looking out for themselves, not considering how investors and employees will be impacted by mergers. As I stated in my opening paragraph, â€Å"Why should CEO’s be given a compensation package for losing their job due to a company merger or retirement when employee and shareholder’s futures are at stake?† Andrew Ross Sorkin supported this notion in his article Executive Pay: A Special Report; Those Sweet Trips to the Merger Mall in which he stated, â€Å"Mergers and acquisitions can be get-rich-quick paths for top corporate managers, providing a personal incentive to get the deal done, no matter what happens to shareholders. And they are no longer just for chief executives who sell their companiesShow MoreRelatedCorporate Ceos Of Low Wage Employees1049 Words   |  5 Pagesextremely high, production and nonsupervisory workers took home only $35,000 on average in 2013, and a full-time worker making the federal minimum wage earned only $15,080. One of the famous terms being used in correlation to fired CEO s is â€Å"golden parachutes†. This is where CEO s are being paid when they leave the company they are working for and they receive a compensation that is far greater than the salary that they take home. In other words, you get paid more to be fired, than you do if youRead MoreUs Auto Industry Back on Top1658 Words   |  7 Pagesand scrutinized by the general public, the topic warrants much debate. In the 1990’s, total executive compensation increased substantially as companies began offering stock option programs; CEO’s of Samp;P 500 saw an average increase of 150%. While many top U.S. executives continued to receive enormous compensation options throughout the economic downturns of 2001 and 2008, none was more apparent than those in the automotive industry. While the big three, comprising of General Motors, Ford andRead MoreEnormouse Wealth of CEOs1194 Words   |  5 PagesOthers may think it is the amount of petroleum being drilled for. I am sure none of you would have guessed it was the amount of money Mark Zuckerburg, the creator of Facebook, made in one year. Executive compensation is bonuses and benefits given to CEO’s of companies on top of the base salary they are receiving. The amount, as you see, can be astronomical which will lead one to question the ethics of employee compensation programs. While it may motivate some people to perform better so they may increaseRead MoreWhy Do Executives Receive Such High Compensation And How It Affects Our Democracy?1982 Words   |  8 Pagesdiscredited by the Golden Parachute, Silver Para chute, or even Golden Boot.(â€Å"Golden Parachute†). The three methods take away the initial fear of job loss and give them a cushion upon termination that most employees could only dream of having. CEOs are guaranteed money that is promised to the executives granted mergers, takeovers, or any circumstance that would affect the employment status of an executive. The three payment methods also come with bonuses that give stock options or cash bonuses. AccordingRead MoreThe Ethics Behind A Ceo Making 600 Times More Than An Average Worker1440 Words   |  6 PagesObama. Section 953 specifically states companies must disclose information surrounding pay-for-performance and the difference between the CEO’s salary and median salary for all other employees (Dodd Frank, 2010). While a previous source stated the pay ratio falls to below 4:1, this statistic doesn’t include any type of equity-compensation including stock options and â€Å"off-the-grid† bonuses. After the financial crisis, when many Americans were laid off, the average compensation of CEOs actually roseRead MoreEthics Essay2054 Words   |  9 Pagesthose roads were not traveled. Many argue that government intervention could have prevented the backlash and whitewater effect of Nortel’s bankruptcy, but due to corporate ties within the government and the Securities and Exchange Commission the many CEO’s continued to elude the government auditors and the stakeholders. From an ethical perspective, there were several factors that contributed to the rise and fall of Nortel. The initial CEO and founder of Nortel, John Roth, demonstrated altruistic behaviorRead MoreEssay about Critical Theory of Communication in Organizations1644 Words   |  7 Pagescan become more productive and democratic through communication reforms. Humanists feel that meanings are in people not words. Deetz accepts this but goes another step and wants to know whose meanings are in people. The companies meanings, the CEO’s meanings, the perception the companies give as their meanings, this is what Deetz is looking for. When people use slang in big business, they begin to put corporate values in to play. According to EM Griffin, this theory is critical in that he wantsRead MoreExecutive Compensation2125 Words   |  9 Pagesboards. Measures needed to be taken to form regulations to provide stronger accountability, to prevent these types of scandals from happening and to rebuild the confidence of investors. Corporate governance of publicly traded companies was no longer an option, it became a must. The public and the media demanded laws to protect future investors and shareholders (Colley, Jr, Doyle, Logan, amp; Stettinius, 2005). With most of the world’s financial markets in crisis and recession, the public has becomeRead MoreFlinder Valves and Controls Inc3251 Words   |  14 Pagessince German CEOs usually cannot gain the huge benefit of ‘Golden Parachutes’, a contract provides benefits to a top executive in the event that a takeover of the company resulted in his losing his job with a package of severance pay, stock options or a bonus, as many of their US and UK peers do, the CEO of Mannesmann, Esser, was not motivated to accept the acquisition proposal, since the offer would actually made him ‘flying without no parachute’. Staff in Mannesmann would also oppose to the acquisitionRead MoreFlinder Valves and Controls Inc3267 Words   |  14 Pagessince German CEOs usually cannot gain the huge benefit of ‘Golden Parachutes’, a contract provides benefits to a top executive in the event that a takeover of the company resulted in his losing his job with a package of severance pay, stock options or a bonus, as many of their US and UK peers do, the CEO of Mannesmann, Esser, was not motivated to accept the acquisition proposal, since the offer would actually made him ‘flying without no parachute’. Staff in Mannesmann would also oppose to the acquisition

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Macro Eco - 1739 Words

Question 1: Assume that Econoland produces haircuts and shirts with inputs of labor. Econoland has 1000 hours of labor available. A haircut requires  ½ hour of labor, while a shirt requires 5 hours of labor. Construct Econolands PPF. Answer 1: To construct Econolands Production Possibility Frontier (PPF) we first need to understand what is a PPF. A production possibilities frontier (PPF) is a graph showing the different quantities of two goods that an economy can efficiently produce with limited productive resources. Points along the curve describe the trade-off between the two goods, that is, the opportunity cost. Opportunity cost here measures how much an additional unit of one good costs in units forgone of the other good.†¦show more content†¦Macroeconomics deals with both long run economic growth and the short run business cycles that constitute the business cycle. Macroeconomics focuses on the economic behaviour and policies that affect consumption and investment, the domestic currency and trade balance, the determinants of changes in wages and prices, monetary and fiscal policies, the supply of money, the budget, interest rates and national debt. There are also a number of secondary objectives which are held to lead to the maximization of income over the long run. While there are variations between the objectives of different national and international entities, most follow the ones detailed below: o Sustainability - a rate of growth which allows an increase in living standards without undue structural and environmental difficulties. Economic growth will be studied later on in this book. o Full employment - where those who are able and willing to have a job can get one, given that there will be a certain amount of frictional and structural unemployment. o Price stability - when prices remain largely stable, and there is not rapid inflation or deflation. Price stability is not necessarily the same as zero inflation, but instead steady levels of low-moderateShow MoreRelatedThe Fragance Market and Perfume Industry792 Words   |  3 Pagesenvironment. Despite the recession, the fragrances market have managed to boost their ma rket value and thrive in the slowly recovering economy. To stay in business, it is imperative for marketing managers in fragrances to acknowledge issues in their macro and micro environments, such as the current economic state, the behaviour of consumers and governmental issues revolving around the perfume industry. In spite of the slow recovery from the 2008 recession, market value of fragrances have increasedRead MoreThe Marketing and Management Decisions of Woolworths Limited730 Words   |  3 Pages2009:132). Woolworths, key task is to understand the marketing environment factors that influence the business either positively or negatively. Macro environment is made up of political, economic, social, technological, legal, physical and demographic factors which affect the business from outside. With the recent changes that are taking place in the macro environment, it is important that businesses, including Woolworths are able to prepare themselves for these changes which have an impact on theRead MoreTechnological Aspects of Eco-Innovation746 Words   |  3 PagesIn Indonesia, the project primarily focused on the technological aspects of eco-innovation, specifically the greening of the production process utilizing both simple and advanced cleaner production options that the majority of S MEs in newly-industrializing nations had consumed and disposed energy resources that contribute to the environmental degradation. Moreover, the establishment of AESIC is also to encourage sustainable production and improve management activities of SMEs that leads toRead MoreA Study On The Concord Waterfall1569 Words   |  7 Pagesthat has the potential to capture both local and foreign markets in terms of Eco, Health and Wellness Tourism, but there are some challenges that have ensued in establishing this product on the market. This study is mainly based on the principles of †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. and how it can be applied or is applied to the Concord Waterfall which is the focus of my study. The Concord Waterfall is an ideal location to invest in the area of eco, health and wellness tourism. Presently, in the Caribbean region health andRead MoreAttitude And Perception Of Banks Employees Toward Green Banking1404 Words   |  6 PagesATTITUDE AND PERCEPTION OF BANKS EMPLOYEES TOWARD GREEN BANKING INTRODUCTION In the present era of globalization, as everyone is focused on the development process on the both levels, i.e. micro as well as at macro level and want to capture the world market at any cost, but they forget the side effects of development process which directly effect our environment and leads to the problem of climate change. The increase in the human activity, causes emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxideRead MoreSustainability Analysis : The Rain Forrest Alliance And Dole Food Company1136 Words   |  5 Pagesanalyze the discrepancies and similarities between their respective concepts. Through the analysis, this essay will provide reasoned conjectures concerning the repercussions of having such discrepancies and similarities, and thus provide conclusions for macro-level discussions on the legitimacy of â€Å"sustainability† as a term, as well as an agent of initiative. The Rain Forrest Alliance addresses all pillars of sustainability – environment, social, and economic -- with its admission of its mission: â€Å"TheRead MoreMy Midterm Paper : Gloria And Alejandro Sanchez1629 Words   |  7 Pagesoccur at the individual or environmental level or in the relationship between the two. When looking at the person in environment lens, I prefer to use a micro-mezzo-macro approach. In this approach, looking at the individual as the micro level, the family as the mezzo level, and society or the community the individual lives in as the macro level. Many times, change at one level leads to change in another. I continue to focus on the individual and the environment, but I look at strength such as theRead MoreDeveloping an Action Plan for Central Kalhari Game Reserve961 Words   |  4 Pagesriverbeds also being the indigenous land for the First People of Kalahari (FPK) whom are commonly referred to as Basarwa or the San. Furthermore the park is on e of the first to have the eco-lodge which also acts as an attraction as it faces the Tau Pan according to (Maryland 2009). 1.2 MACRO/MICRO ENVIRONMENT The macro environment are the external variables that affect the organization and the organization does not have control over them this being politics, economy, socio-cultural and technology (PEST)Read MoreCase Analysis : Tesla s Marketing Goals Essay1559 Words   |  7 Pagesniche market of electric, self-driving cars has presented several opportunities and threats due to the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation. For the car industry, policy, legality, technology and the socio culture are the most influential macro environmental forces for the company (Mangram, 2012). This is due to the fact that legal restrictions prohibit Tesla in terms of safety standards and energy and policy conservation (Regulations of Emissions and Safety Standards, National Traffic andRead MoreEco-Efficiency Creating More Value with Less Impact14412 Words   |  58 PagesDEDICATED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE eco-efficiency creating more value with less impact foreword In 1991, we in the then Business Council for Sustainable Development were looking for a single concept, perhaps a single word, to sum up the business end of sustainable development. Finding no such concept on the lexicographer s shelf, we decided we would have to launch an expression. After a contest and much agonizing, we came up with eco-efficiency. In simplest terms, it means creating more goods

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Grapes Of Wrath By Steinbeck (491 words) Essay Example For Students

Grapes Of Wrath By Steinbeck (491 words) Essay Grapes Of Wrath By SteinbeckPurpose Essentially, The Grapes of Wrath is a novel of social protest. It wasdesigned to inform the public of the migrants plight. It is a plea for the landowners of California and the banks in the dust bowl states to be more tolerant. It shows how the migrants were made to starve by the California land owners andbanks just so they could turn a profit. It shows many of the methods that theyused to cheat the migrants out of money and keep them from organizing. Ma JoadMa Joad is the backbone of the Joad family. When things were really bad thefamily turned to her and not to Pa. The family gauged their own emotions bylooking at her reaction. She knew that if she faltered then the whole familywould collapse. She is always concerned for the welfare of her own family, butstill tries to help others as much as possible as show by her helping of theWilsons and when she gave food to the children in the camp when she barely hadenough to feed the family anyway. She fights throughout the book to keep thefamily together, and without her the family would have fallen apart quickly. Inspite of this she still sees that the family is breaking apart. She fights thisas much as possible, but isnt completely successful. She knows that if Pa evergives up, the family will collapse, so sometimes she goads him into anger sothat he doesnt. Jim Casy The preacher, Jim Casy, can be seen as a modern dayChrist figure, except for without the Christian Doctrine. The initials of hisname, J.C., are the same as Jesus Christ. When he is saying grace in chaptereight, he compares himself to Jesus: I been in the hills, thinkin, almostyou might say like Jesus wen into the wilderness to think His way out oftroubles.(pg 70-71) Casy believed in the Emersonian Over-Soul, that we areall have a small part of a larger soul, and everybody is holy. As Tom said,one time he went out in the wilderness to find his soul, an he foun hejus got a little piece of a great big soul.(pg 373) He just wants to bearound people because he sees everybody as being holy. He also thinks thatpeople working in cooperation is holy: When theyre all workin together,not one fella for another fell, but one fella kind of harnessed to the wholeshebang thats right, thats h oly(pg 71). In the first half of the bookCasy is thinking and forming his ideas. He changes from a thinker to an man ofaction when he sacrifices himself for Tom. When in prison Casy sees theadvantage of organizing people to achieve a common goal. When Casy tried to puthis ideas into action he, like Christ, aroused the antagonism of the people inauthority and was brutally slain. He died, like Christ saying to his crucifiers,You don know what youre a-doin.

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Rural Advertising in India free essay sample

Rural markets acquired greater importance in countries like India, China, etc. because of economic growth of the nations now highly depend up on the rural economy. Corporate companies are struggling a lot to get more sales/profits in urban areas i. e. almost all the companies are saturated in urban areas. â€Å"Go rural and be rural† seems to be the guiding principle of marketing. In this context, companies are diversified all their operations toward rural areas. Most of the populations with unmet needs are living in rural areas. Companies should ensure that they understood the hopes and aspirations of the rural population. They should take into consideration the low literacy levels, poor reach of the media and widespread audience and the tradition and culture of the target groups while advertising their product. This paper is developed to discuss the concept and process of rural advertising in India and successful ads. Introduction Customers are the central point in every business. We will write a custom essay sample on Rural Advertising in India or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In present attracting and satisfying customer is more difficult than producing the goods. So seller has to make lot of efforts to attract and to persuade the persons to purchase his products and services. Advertising is an important means to influence the potential customers. Advertising influences customers’ attitudes and purchase behaviour. Advertisements increase brand-familiarity, develop brand-image and help the organization in increasing its market share. Advertising is used for communicating business information to the present and prospective customers. It provides information about the advertising firm, features of its products, qualities, place of availability of its products, different schemes offered, benefits of using its products etc. Advertising is important for both buyers and sellers. The simplest meaning of an advertisement is that it is a public announcement. The advertising is a paid form of non-personal communication with target audience through mass-media such as television, newspapers, magazines, telephone, internet, radio, direct-mail, outdoor displays. By looking at the challenges and the opportunities which rural markets offer to the marketers it can be said that the future is very promising for those who can understand the dynamics of rural markets and exploit them to their best advantage. A radical change in attitudes of marketers towards the vibrant and burgeoning rural markets is called for, so they can successfully impress on the 230 million rural consumers spread over approximately six hundred thousand villages in rural India. The rural market is very large in compare to the urban market as well as it is more challenging market. The consumer wants those products which are long lasting, good, easy to use and cheaper. The income level of rural consumers is not as high as the income level of urban consumers that’s why they want low price goods. It is one of the reasons that the sell of sachet is much larger in the rural area in all segments. Rural market has an untapped potential like rain but it is different from the urban market so it requires the different marketing strategies and marketer has to meet the challenges to be successful in rural market. The Indian advertising industry is talking business today. It has evolved from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. It has emerged as one of the major industries and tertiary sectors and has broadened its horizons be it the creative aspect, the capital employed or the number of personnel involved. Indian advertising industry in very little time has carved a niche for itself and placed itself on the global map. The creative minds that the Indian advertising industry incorporates have come up with some mind-boggling concepts and work that can be termed as masterpieces in the field of advertising. Advertising agencies in the country too have taken a leap. They have come a long way from being small and medium sized industries to becoming well known brands in the business. Mudra, Ogilvy and Mathew (OM), Mccann Ericsonn, Rediffussion, Leo Burnett are some of the top agencies of the country. The Indian advertising today handles both national and international projects. This is primarily because of the reason that the industry offers a host of functions to its clients that include everything from start to finish that include client servicing, media planning, media buying, creative onceptualization, pre and post campaign analysis, market research, marketing, branding, and public relation services. Rural consumers are fundamentally different from their urban counterparts. The lower levels of literacy and limited exposure to product and services are well-known, but there are also differences in occupation options, with a direct impact on income levels and income flows, and a high level of inter-dependency affecting the dynamics of rural community behavior. All contribute to make rural consumer behavior starkly distinct from the urban. Rural marketing has become a greatest challenge to make goods available to the rural markets because of poor infrastructure and lack of understanding of rural consumers. Only 40 per cent of the villages in India were connected by roads and only one third of rural homes had electricity. The rural market in India has great potential, which is just waiting to be tapped. Progress has been made in this area by some, but there seems to be a long way for marketers to go in order to derive and reap maximum benefits. Moreover, rural India is not so poor as it used to be a decade or so back. Things are sure a changing. Companies should ensure that they understood the hopes and aspirations of the rural population. They should take into consideration the low literacy levels, poor reach of the media and widespread audience and the tradition and culture of the target groups while advertising their product. The communication package should be developed only after an in-depth study of the mindset of each rural region. However, while selling products to the rural population, companies should connect with the local people and make an attempt to understand their mindset. Rural communication was an integral part of rural marketing. But, most companies gave the concept of rural communication a step-motherly treatment. Companies needed to invest in the right communication methods aimed at specific target groups. Corporations and advertising agencies have started working in the rural area with a different approach as compared to urban areas, like puppet shows in Punjab, Folk media like Ragini in Haryana for communicating qualities of Virat cement, Pala and Daskathia in Orissa for promoting safe electricity consumption and tooth pastes of Colgate Palmolive, Baul songs in West Bengal for advertising insecticides are some of the examples. Britannia has entered in to the rural market by participating in rural melas and displaying its down market brand Britannia Tiger Biscuits. These rural melas and weekly haats have become more popular medium of rural advertising by the media planners. Through this arrangement they can break the saddle of scant geographical distribution of customers in rural markets as people of number of villages assemble together to participate in the fair. It is a good ground for brand awareness building, trial sales and sampling. It provides a wider audience at a fairly low cost. Companies like HLL, Titan and Colgate Palmolive use festivals like Rathyatra, umbhmela, and Onam for brand promotion. These companies are following a typical media schedule and are always in a march from one place to the other with our festival calendar and a collapsible arrangement of the exhibition setup. Companies can also use popular forms of entertainment like puppetry, nautanki, ragini, bhangra, qaualli and traditional dance shows to increase the brand experience. The companies can develop a story line relating to the brand and show the characters using the brands for their advantage and even the dresses of the characters can be that of the brand‘s packaging. Power of advertising Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of products, services or concepts by an identified sponsor. Advertising has became our dominant creative industry – what Stuart Ewen calls ‘the prevailing vernacular of public address’. It sucks up our talent for art, design, creativity and storytelling. It has become such a routine part of everyday life that we rarely stop to think about its significance. For all their diversity, advertisements share one basic value system. Advertisements may be individually innocent;  collectively they are the propaganda wing of a consumerist ideology. The moral of the thousands of different stories they tell is that the only way to secure pleasure, popularity, security, happiness or fulfillment is through buying more; more consumption regardless of how much we already have. The research shows that a walk in the park, social interaction or volunteering – which cost nothing will do more for our well-being than any amount of ‘retail therapy’. Advertising, in that sense, pushes us towards maximizing our income rather than our free time. It pushes us away from activities that give pleasure and meaning to our lives towards an arena that cannot – what Sut Jhally calls ‘the dead world of things’. With the Rural advertising, it can reach more number to rural consumers and create potential market in rural areas. While designing advertisements for the rural audience, one must understand the mindset of the rural audience, keep the message simple and logical, and avoid making it gimmicky. The uses of â€Å"education with entertainment† and â€Å"slice of life† observations are good ideas. A good advertisement tells us we need something even before we think we do. It offers us a look into the ideal life, the ideal body, the ideal mate, all wrapped in an ideal world. In India, the advertising is mostly in English or Hindi and there is often the need for thinking out the advertising concepts and the brand image in the local language itself. Advertising in the local language in the absence of shortage of professionals, makes success of rural advertising campaigns difficult. It is a general assumption of advertising theory that advertising helps to create demand. It may be worth saying to what extent advertising creates demand, particularly in our rural society. A thorough understanding of the rural consumer is a crucial key to rural marketing success. Rural markets large diversity of customs and language into account. Ideas and techniques used in urban areas just won’t work for rural consumers Rural AD Agencies Major agencies dealing with rural marketing are Anugrah Madison, MART, Sampark, Rural Relations, OM Outreach, Linterland, RCM, etc. Madison Advertising Pvt Ltd: The company is 23 years old and is famous in this advertising sector. It deals in Advertising, Media, PR, Rural retail, entertainment, mobile and sports, business analytics. Browse the site for more information. Mudra Communication Pvt. Ltd: This is one of the renowned advertising company of India. This advertising organization was founded in the year 1980 at Mumbai. Recently the Ad company declared the addition of public relations,rural marketing,events etc. The head office of the company is in Bombay Area. Lintas India Pvt. Ltd: After the merge of Lintas India Ltd. with Lowe Lintas and Partners group of the UK, it is now known as Lowe Lintas. India Pvt. Ltd. The turnover of Lintas is Rs. 750 crore. The advertising agency inculcates advertising, media buying house, direct marketing, public relations, design consultancy, market research, events, rural communications and interactive communications. Enterprise Nexus, the agency partner of Lowe in India, continues to be a member and is known as the ‘Independent Brands’ division which is the only specialist in advertising and marketing communications. Lowe Lintas India is a successful agency which is inclined towards quality creative advertising and works for the benefit of its clients. Ogilvy and Mather Limited: The company was founded in 1928 and is based in Mumbai, India. Ogilvy Mather Pvt. , Ltd. operates as an advertising agency in India. The company in India operates with offices located in all the major cities. The company provides various marketing services through Web sites, Wed banners, email marketing, public relationships, radio, direct marketing, promotion, elemarketing, out door, packaging, rural communication, retail visibility and communication, television, and print ads sources. MART, the specialist rural marketing and rural development consultancy has found that 53 per cent of FMCG sales lie in the rural areas, as do 59 per cent of consumer durable sales, said its head Pradeep Kashyap at the seminar. Of two million BSNL mobile connections, 50 per cent went to small towns and villages, of 20 million Rediffmail subscriptions, 60 per cent came from small towns, so did half the transactions on Rediffs shopping site. Successful ADS: Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) is a good example with successful rural marketing projects like ‘Project Shakti’ and ‘Operation Bharat’. The main emphasis of HLL’s strategy has been to focus on penetrating the market down the line and focusing on price point. Hindustan Lever relies heavily on its own company-organised media. These are promotional events organised by stockists. Coca Cola India entered the rural market by introducing bottles priced at Rs. 5. The campaign was backed with ads featuring well-known actor Aamir Khan. During the Aamir Khan ad-campaign, they also used local language in advertising. A combination of TV, cinema and radio was used to increase the reach to rural consumers. Coca Cola have also used banners and posters, and tapped many local forms of entertainment. Because of the common lack of electricity and refrigerators in rural areas, Coca Cola provides low-cost ice boxes — a tin box for new outlets and thermocool box for seasonal outlets. Guidelines of Rural Advertising Radio is one of the cheapest mass media to reach rural masses. Even where electricity is unreliable, transistor radios are very popular among the poorer sections of rural India. With the number of FM stations set to explode after expansion under Phase Three, it would be possible to reach even more remote areas through radio. Haats and melas tied to temple and religious festivals are great for promoting brands. While haats help in reaching a few thousand villagers from different villages in one place, melas attract lakhs of visitors across the State or across the country as in kumbh melas. They offer a variety of media opportunities in one place. However, it must be remembered that haats are gradually losing their importance in economically developed markets such as Tamil Nadu because of the tremendous progress made by small towns and their easy accessibility to villagers due to better and reliable transport facilities. Static media such as wall paintings, hoardings, shop fronts and point of sale continue to be useful as reminder media. So the messages are prominently displayed in bus stands, railway stations, on water tanks, wells and pump-sets in villages, as well as mobile media such as local buses, Visual Vans and auto-rickshaws etc. Conclusion In India, rural people’s wants, need and desires are changing rapidly, it is very important to know them and give them what they want. Now, rural market is geared for faster growth in the coming years and more sales potential. To attract rural target audience, corporate are developing different strategies. In this context rural advertising has become one of the important strategy in communicating message.

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Occupational Therapy essays

Occupational Therapy essays Occupational Therapy A career for the new millennium To become an occupational therapist a person has to go through the proper training, a bachelors degree in O. T. is the minimum requirement for entry into this field( To obtain a license applicants must graduate from an accredited educational program and must also pass a national certification examination anyone considering this profession should take high school courses in chemistry, biology, physics, health art and the social sciences ( Colleges admissions also look favorably at paid or volunteer experience in the health care field ( Practitioners, students and educators must be actively involved in the process of studying, understanding and consciously utilizing theories of O.T. The person who graduates from an occupational therapy program needs to be independent, critical thinker who is at home with principles and interrelationships among concepts (the practice of occupational therapy Pg.5). Once a person is in this field there are a few skills that if did not have they will need to develop them over time to survive this profession. First of all they must be a people person, they have to love helping others and they must also be a very patient person. Being a occupational therapist is a job that requires you to have a really a good imagination to come up with the different ways of treating your patient various injuries. When your in field you will encounter a lot of rude and frustrated people referring to patients and fellow employees so being prepared for any thing is an important part of being occupational therapist. The main goal of an occupational therapist is to basically help people who have suffered an accident to be able to perform regular task(preface xi), in other words teach them to work around there injuries or disabilities. Its just how occupational therapis...

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Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 10

Reflection Paper - Essay Example sues of division of powers between the federal government and the state governments have been debated and amended all along since the republic was founded. Nevertheless, the powers of the federal government have remained on the top and ever increasing since the civil war period (Baumer & Van, 1989). However, there has been success in the actions undertaken by the congress and constitution interpretation to control the powers of the federal government. The philosophy of applying checks and balances has been the base for the success and the stance of the federal government. The congress has the powers of making laws, while the presidency has the veto powers in any legislative act. Additionally, the president has the powers to nominate judges of the Supreme Court, though they have to be verified by the congress. The Supreme Court has the powers to overturn any law that has been passed by the legislature. The essay seeks to describe and reflect on the current status of the key institutions of the federal government, namely; the presidency and the congress (Marshal &William, 2008). The executive branch is also known as the presidency. The federal government powers are bestowed on the president of the United States. The presidency is made up of the cabinet, the vice president, president and other officials, who the president delegates the powers to (Baumer& Van, 1989). The United States president has a unitary executive theory that is provided by the American constitution. The unilateral executive enables the president to have the power to control the whole executive branch. The provision is found in the Article Two of the United States Constitution. The powers that are bestowed by the constitution are universally agreed with the citizens of the United States of America. Nevertheless, these powers have for long faced criticism. In my point of view, they are dangerous and inappropriately granted. The separation of the powers among the various arms of the government